My husband is a hoarder

We’ve been married for a year and a half now. I know, being newly weds can get way too messy most especially if both of you are still starting out. Sorting out priorities is quite hard when both of you couldn’t agree to disagree with almost everything. Meeting one another half way also seems to be one big issue too.

So going back to the main title of this post. We live in a two bedroom apartment and my husband’s hoarding disorder is getting too overwhelming to decipher. He has his dvd collections all sprawled out in our master bedroom’s carpet all because we didn’t have enough storage furniture to stack them. It’s been lying on the carpet floor for a year now and it bothers me so much. His very old retro xbox console (the very first bulky one of its kind) sits by our tv stand, this goes the same for his broken PS1, PS2, PS3 consoles which he NEVER use. I don’t mind him keeping those for old time sake but displaying them out in the open accomplishes nothing but more dusts for me to clean. The other bedroom, which is supposed to be a guest room is filled with all his junk stuff. He has managed to put them all in numbers of boxes after I tried to nag him into sorting those out. Inside these boxes are all useless junks like random paper scribbles, old notebooks from his highschool days, torn up posters, old magazines and newspapers, pieces of rusted ornaments for christmas tree, wires and cables, old controllers of gaming consoles and their boxes and the list goes on and on.

To add up, recently my mom inlaw died and we missed her dearly. One day, my husband went to his parents house to sort out some of her stuff and brought home more junk! Used old women wallets and purse that he thought I would want to use, some old sewing kits and all other useless shit, and since we didn’t have enough boxes for them to fit anymore, they are all inside walmart plastic bags and they’re everywhere in the other bedroom. It’s driving me nuts!

The hardest part is talking to him in getting rid of all these junks as he will take it as if you are being inconsiderate, mean and ruthless. We could not afford a bigger house right now that has a basement where he can keep them all in one place. I am so embarrassed of having visitors at our place because of this. Our house is in a complete clutter mess! I tried everything to have him change his hoarding habits but nothing seems to work. I know for a fact that hoarding is a mental illness and is very hard to change. I wanted to seek help to a doctor regarding this but I’m afraid he’ll just brush off the idea and tell me i’m losing my mind. My patience has almost reached it’s limit to be honest. 😦